HC: Take re-exams of expelled PEC students by Dec 28


The next hearing will be held on January 8

The High Court has ordered the authorities concerned to take re-examination of 15 students, who were expelled from Primary Education Certificate (PEC) and its equivalent Ebtedayee examinations.

The bench of Justice Enayetur Rahim and Justice Mostafizur Rahman on Wednesday ordered that the exams be taken by December 28 and publish the results by December 31.

The court ordered the director general of the Directorate of Primary Education to appear before it January 8 to explain the court about the role of his office regarding the expulsion.

On November 19, the Bangle national daily Desh Rupantor published an article titled “why expelled in PEC exam’ and subtitled ‘guardian and education specialist want PEC exam.”

The report says, 15 children were expelled from PEC examinations across the country for cheating in their exams.

Although the Directorate of Primary Education has directions regarding the matter, education specialist, psychologist, and guardians were very worried as they considered the examinations as psychological torture.