Fighting from every angle


We need a multi-part strategy to combat the current crisis

In times of national crisis, clear and strong leadership is of the utmost importance. As such, it is encouraging to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recognize the graveness of the situation we are facing, and the multi-faceted challenge ahead of us.

This recognition is crucial. If we as a nation we are to get through this coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown, we must ensure as much understanding of the situation as possible so that we may tackle the problems in a strategic manner.

In facts, many leaders across the world have failed to do so, shrouding their nations in ignorance and moving ahead with irrational advice — an approach that is putting the lives of many of their citizens at risk.

However, that is only the first step. For now, our government has identified key areas which require the most attention — from ensuring that people stay safe and the spread of the virus is contained by enforcing a nationwide lockdown, to providing much-needed stimulus packages for certain industries, to providing the best we can for the ones most affected.

As the PM has said, we need a multi-part strategy to combat the current crisis, from the initiatives mentioned above, to encouraging better business practices, continuing to protect the poor and the most vulnerable during the crisis, and using technology to trace infections.

At the end of the day, without such a holistic approach, which not only considers the entire nation, but the whole world, efforts to save ourselves from the pandemic will be futile.

After all, this virus has affected every single one of us, not just a select few. We must continue to implement strategies which take that into account.