Fakhrul: Awami League heading towards dynastic politics


He says individuals from a family are now getting the Awami League’s key posts and nominations to contest different elections

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has alleged Awami League is going to establish political dynasty in Bangladesh.

He said individuals from a family are now getting the Awami League’s key posts and nominations to contest different elections.

“Not only one party is now controlling everything, but also an individual and one family are doing it as a dynastic rule prevails in the country,” he said on Saturday.

The BNP leader further said: “If you see who are getting their (Awami League’s) nominations and who are being made chiefs of their organizations, you will understand that they are moving towards dynastic politics.”

Fakhrul was speaking at a civic commemoration meeting organized by Zia Parishad at the National Press Club in Dhaka in memory of its founding chairman Kabir Murad, who died recently, reports UNB.

He also alleged that the government is appointing teachers to different public universities, including Dhaka University, not based on merit and competence, but on political consideration.

The BNP leader also said teachers “having poor educational background and very poor competence” are now being made vice chancellors of the public universities only for political reasons. 

“The same thing is happening regarding the judge appointment and the recruitments through the BCS [Bangladesh Civil Service] as all the institutions have been politicized.”

He said Bangladesh’s economy has also become like an empty vessel as the resources are getting depleted.

Fakhrul urged all to come forward in unison to get rid of the current situation of the country.

“We have been on a serious struggle, not on a trivial one. We all must take part in it with an aim to defeat the current regime.”

He said the people of all walks of life must get united to force the current regime to hold a fresh election under a neutral administration and the impartial Election Commission to establish a pro-people and truly representative government.

‘Participating in city polls as part of movement’

About their participation in the upcoming city polls, Fakhrul said their party is taking part in the elections to Dhaka north and south city corporations as part of their ongoing movement for restoration of democracy.

Despite having a negative experience in the last general election, he said, they are going to join the city polls also to reach people. 

“As a liberal democratic party, we must participate in the polls to use the chance to mobilize public support. We will defeat this regime together with people in a systematic way. We believe we will succeed as the truth will prevail,” the BNP leader added.

He alleged that the government has kept ailing BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia in jail for a long time out of its political vengeance.  

The BNP leader alleged that the government has kept secret the verdict of an international arbitration tribunal in Canada regarding the Niko graft case as it acquitted Khaleda and others implicated in the case. 

“The court has recently delivered its verdict saying no corruption took place in signing the deal. The court also acquitted Khaleda Zia and other accused in the case as it did not find their involvement in corruption,” he claimed.

Fakhrul also claimed that all the cases filed against Khaleda Zia and BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman are false and baseless.