Ending the evil of human trafficking


Our migrant workers deserve better protection for all their hard work

It is an extremely worrying trend that every year, thousands of migrant workers, facing uncountable perils, look to seek greener pastures in Europe away from their current positions in the Middle Eastern countries.

The question must be raised: Why do these workers make such a dangerous decision?

On the surface, the motivation of these workers is perhaps understandable — the Middle East has seen numerous conflicts in the region, and the lure of a European life is no doubt hard to resist for these men and women, who often work in difficult conditions.

However, what the migrant workers are failing to see are the innumerable risks associated with crossing the Mediterranean, and these unfortunate souls consistently pay with their lives. In 2019, Bangladesh brought back dead bodies of over 4,000 migrant workers.

The principal blame of this tragic trend, however, falls on the unscrupulous brokers and human traffickers, as they lure hapless workers with false promises, taking large sums of money from them in exchange for a promised life in European countries. Of course, these promises seldom materialize, and these traffickers continue to exploit the victims and their families.

There is no place in the world for human traffickers, and our migrant workers deserve better protection for all their hard work and the remittance that they send back to Bangladesh.

It is up to the government and relevant authorities to work together to track down these human trafficking rings and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. They cannot be allowed to get away with exploiting our workers any longer.