Election Commission says ‘No’ to proposals


Kazi-Rakibuddin-Ahmad_EC_Daily_Dhaka_TimesDaily Dhaka Times: The Election Commission has rejected the demand of ruling Awami League and opposition in Parliament Jatiya Party to give their MPs scope to campaign for municipal polls candidates.

The EC has also said ‘No’ to BNP’s demand to defer the polls.

Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad has made it clear that it is not possible for the EC to amend the election code of conduct or delay the voting date.

The three parties made the demands and some additional proposals to the EC on Sunday.

The CEC and the four Election Commissioners discussed the demands and proposals on Monday.

Ahmad told reporters in the evening that the EC had decided not to amend rules after announcing the schedule.

About the BNP’s demand to defer the polls, the CEC said the schedule was announced “keeping very little time at hand” after the amendment of the rules.

“It is not possible to defer it now,” he said.

The polls to 236 municipalities are scheduled for Dec 30.

“It would have been possible to defer the polls if the date had been set for Dec 20. By making it Dec 30 at the last moment, we have actually kept enough time,” Ahmad said.

“We have checked if we could defer the polls even by a day. There is no scope for that,” he added.


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