Earning back the people’s trust


The BCL has not had the best track record in recent years

It must be remembered that a political party’s duty is to serve the people of the country in the best way possible.

In the same vein, the student wing of any political party must have the same priority in their activities, and nowhere is this need more prominent than with the Bangladesh Chhatra League.

In this regard, we appreciate Prime Minister Sheik Hasina’s words to the BCL, in which she has urged the student wing of the ruling party to engage in work which earn the people’s trust instead of eroding it.

Unfortunately, the BCL has not had the best track record in recent years, with incidents of violence, harassment, extortion, and even murder being associated with their name.

As the PM has said, the organization must keep in mind the values on which this country was founded, that of democracy, secularism, and freedom, all of which ensure that a government puts its people first above all else.

We hope that the organization pays heed to the premier — after all, our student politicians’ active role in our country’s struggle for independence cannot be denied, and we hope that the current new leadership takes this into consideration moving forward.

As the student wing of the ruling party, there is a lot that the BCL can do to make the lives of the people of this country better and ensure that the youth in this country have a representative in government.

Unfortunately, that has not been allowed to happen, with its reputation marred by controversy and the public’s trust in them completely lost.

It is high time that changed.