Download UC Mini and use Facebook in Bangladesh


uc browser_Daily_Dhaka_TimesDaily Dhaka Times: Download UC Mini and use Facebook in Bangladesh without error. In Bangladesh Govt. block Facebook in some political effort. But you can use Facebook directly from Bangladesh.

Download UC Mini this free UC Browser Mini today to enjoy a faster browsing experience!

UC Browser Mini is based on our classic U2 kernel, with fast and smooth browsing on Android mobile devices. UC Browser’s Download Manager offers you a smart and fast way to download music and videos, and conveniently manage files in your phone.

If you want a lightweight browser and fast browsing experience, UC Browser Mini is the best mobile browser for you.

• Speed Mode – Faster browsing with less data usage. Webpages load faster with up to 90% of compression.
• Download Manager – Fast and stable download speed, with convenient file management.
• Full Screen Video – Support full screen online video playing.
• Night Mode – Unique night browsing mode protects your eyes in the dark.
• Incognito Browsing – Browse in private without leaving any trace, just like what you have experienced on Chrome and Firefox.
• Optimized Layout – Webpages are specially optimized for mobile screens.
• Top/Bottom Buttons – Top/Bottom buttons help you reach the top or bottom of the page rapidly, when you scroll long page like WIKIPEDIA.
• QR Code Scanning – Enter URLs in a different way by scanning QR codes.

Download Link:


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