Dhaka Cantonment makes entry pass mandatory from Jan 1

Dhaka Cantonment

Dhaka Cantonment

No-one will be allowed to enter the Dhaka Cantonment without pass from Jan 1 2018, according to the Inter Services Public Relations Directorate or ISPR.

The decision is meant to ensure security inside the cantonment, said ISPR Director Lt Col Mohammad Rashidul Hasan.

A notice board with seven rules was set outside the Jahangir Gate on Thursday.

It says cantonment residents (Matikata-Zia Colony-MP Checkpost and Rajanigandha Super Market-Sainik Club MP Checkpost) must collect passes from the Dhaka Cantonment Board by Dec 31.

The rules, however, are not applicable to those who travel through the cantonment by bus.

People who work in houses located inside the cantonment (caretaker, guard, driver and domestic worker) and relatives of cantonment residents have to apply for temporary resident passes.

Homeowners will be accountable for any absconding or convicted criminal found in any house inside the area. The area cannot be used for holding any political activity, according to the notice.

Similar notice boards have been placed at other entry points, one army official told.

The notice does not specify what penalty may follow for any breach of the rules.

“This is nothing new, rather a renewal of the old rules set for civilians. People already owning passes must apply for validity extension and others must apply for new passes,” Rashidul told.


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