Death of a commando: An asset of the nation robbed

Sinha Md Rashed Khan
Sinha Md Rashed Khan

Shahid Islam

Murdered Major (retd) Sinha Md Rashed Khan was a para commando, a staff college graduate (PSC), an SSF officer who, by trait, is certified as one of the best marksmen. If he really wanted to encounter the police, he could kill many in unarmed combat. Damn SI Liakot wouldn’t have survived one single punch of him.

The DGFI report says, corroborated by many eyewitnesses as was reported in the Kaler Kontho newspaper, that he came out of the car with raised hand, carried no pistol, which the DGFI report says he left in his car. SI Liakot fired three shots without asking him a single question.

The Prothom Alo today published a story, posted earlier, that shows the entire police force, including the OC of the region, knew who they were dealing with. Police already interacted with him before he was ordered to come out of the car. He told the police who he was before stepping out of the vehicle.

Yet, he was killed in cold blood, upon being ordered by the Cox’s Bazar SP, according to our investigation. The SP certainly got the order from the police HQ, given that Sinha was in the area for almost a month.

This unprovoked murder proves the victim was being stalked & followed. The orchestrated melodrama of the people shouting robbers, Sinha aiming the gun at police, possessing drugs in the car, is the usual, detestable, stereotyped, nauseating lies of the moth-eaten Bangladesh police force that can never leap out of its rotten, incredulous narrative even for a tad moment.

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Major Sinha was not a stupid. He was once chosen to protect the President and the PM, and he did with flying colors. His sense of security, defense, and the exercise of leadership and discretion is proven. Damn bloody Liakot, the police sergeant joined the police due to being an Awami leader’s son.

Enough is enough. This disgruntled police force of the country must either be restructured or brought to justice for the crimes they commit every day with impunity. We don’t accept a police state.

On behalf of the retired members of the Bangladesh armed forces, the veterans demand the arrest of SI Liakot in the next 24 hours, and his joint interrogation by the DGFI and the SB combined to unearth the reason why Major Sinha was killed.

Shahid Islam, Bangladesh Army, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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