Daily Sangram office vandalized


To prevent Jamaat-Shibir, whatever necessary will be carried out, the mancha general secretary says

Muktijuddho Mancha has vandalized the Daily Sangram office for calling the executed war criminal Abdul Quader Mollah a “martyr” in a news published in the paper on December 12.

The leaders and activists of the Mancha (a platform of freedom fighters’ descendants) gathered in front of the newspaper’s office in Moghbazar and later went inside it and vandalized the place on Friday evening.

They also put a lock on the main entrance of the office.

They also set fire to copies of the newspaper and demonstrated in front of the Sangram office.

While the Mancha men were vandalizing the office, Hatirjheel police took the Sangram Editor Abul Asad into their custody.

Journalists of the newspaper said Muktijuddho Mancha men forcefully entered their office and broke furniture and computers. At one point they brought the editor in front of the TV cameras and told him to apologize for the matter.

Later, Editor Asad apologized on live TV for using “martyr” before the war criminal’s name.

Police take Daily Sangram Editor Abul Asad into their custody, after the newspaper office was vandalized on Friday, December 13, 2019 | CollectedAminul Islam Bulbul, president of Muktijuddho Mancha, said: “The Daily Sangram which is also a mouthpiece of the anti-Liberation force Jamaat-Shibir published a report on the notorious war criminal butcher Quader Mollah on December 12 where they mentioned him as Shaheed (Martyr).” 

Muktijuddho Mancha strongly condemns the matter, he said.

The Mancha General Secretary Al Mamun told Dhaka Tribune: “We are giving 24 hours to the government to take action against the editor, reporter and those involved for using the word ‘Shaheed’ with a war criminal’s name. Or else we will go for tougher movements and besiege the Home and Information ministries.

When this correspondent asked Mamun the reason for vandalizing the Sangram office, he said: “We will not compromise anything related to the anti-liberation force Jamaat-Shibir and will do whatever it takes to prevent them.”

Mamun also said: “The Daily Sangram office is also used as a back office of the Jamaat-Shibir.”

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Deputy Commissioner (Tejgaon division) Biplab Bijoy said: “The editor of the newspaper is in our custody at the moment for security reasons.

“We will investigate the whole matter,” he added.