Coronavirus: Brac commits Tk15 crore for the underprivileged


The initiative will help a hundred thousand families around the country

Brac has allocated Tk15 crore for distribution among low-income families who have been impacted the most by social distancing measures, intended to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The initiative will help 100,000 families, with each getting Tk1,500 as emergency food assistance, starting on Thursday, according to a press statement.

Asif Saleh, executive director of Brac, said on this initiative: “Covid-19 is a humanitarian crisis with a public health dimension. In countries like Bangladesh, it also has dire economic consequences. According to World Bank data, only 15% of Bangladesh’s population make more than Tk500 a day. Most villagers depend on remittances from the cities or abroad. Because this is a global crisis, people everywhere are out of work. Income has stopped.

“Our emergency assistance will be targeted towards low-income families who have lost their source of income due to coronavirus. We will support 100,000 such families.  However, the requirements are far greater. I urge compassionate individuals and organizations to come forward and help us scale up the initiative to reach many more,” he added.

Asif Saleh said that the project would be implemented in close coordination with local public representatives and administration, particularly to avoid duplication.

Brac has also launched a fundraising appeal to scale up the effort and increase the coverage. Individuals and organizations can donate. Details are available on Brac website:

The organization is also running other smaller initiatives to help people deal with the coronavirus crisis. 

It is running a nationwide hygiene awareness and behavioral change campaign with its network of over 100 thousand staff, volunteers, and health workers, with the support of local administration.

It is distributing protective wear and hygiene products, such as liquid soap, bathing soap, sanitizers, masks and gloves to its staff and the community.

Brac is also carrying out an extensive public awareness campaign through social media and mass media. It includes, among others, eminent physicians, public health experts, policymakers, artistes, and Brac’s senior leadership team. Details of the campaign are available on the dedicated portal: