Construction of ‘Barendra Silicon City’ starts soon


Hi-Tech-City_Daily_Dhaka_TimesDaily Dhaka Times: The construction of a high-tech IT park titled ‘Barendra Silicon City’ undertaken by the government is going to start in Rajshahi soon.

The site for setting up the park has already been selected and the process of requisition of land in Bulanpur area beside the river Padma has also started.

Sources at the deputy commissioner office in Rajshahi said the survey assessment for the construction work of the IT park has been completed. A demand note requiring 24.18 acres of land for setting up the park at Bulanpur has also been sent to the Land Ministry.

On October 14, 2014, a meeting was held at the conference room of DC, Rajshahi, where Deputy Commissioner of Rajshahi Mesbahuddin said the site for setting up the proposed high tech park was selected and the work of requisition of land was also going to be started.

He also said, the compensation for affected residents of the land to be requisitioned was taken up and also schemes of their rehabilitation were underway.

IT experts in Rajshahi, however, said, with the setting up of IT park, it would be possible to serve people of Rajshahi as well as northern region with high speed internet facilities.

It will also help speedy spread of information to all service-oriented sectors including industries, education and technology.

Moreover, there will be a scope for employment opportunities for many educated young people here.


According to source, with the installation of the high tech park there will be a wide scope for establishing various industries based on information and communications technology, engineering, electronics, telecommunication, agriculture and biotechnology.

The sources further mentioned, entrepreneurs who are interested to invest in the high tech IT park will be given all administrative assistances and the electric, water, gas and other-related facilities.

Abdul Mobin, manager of a local IT firm said, setting up of an IT park will create immense possibility for IT personnel as well as educated young men of the country.

With the powerful Internet network, it will be possible to work on freelancing, web and graphic designing and consultation from Rajshahi.

“The hi-tech park will bring massive opportunities to locals in the city and neighbouring areas, as well as modern technology in different practical fields, including agriculture,” said Mejbah Uddin Chowdhury, Deputy Commissioner of Rajshahi.

“Likewise, it will provide employment for a large number of people in this area, including ICT buffs and professionals,” he said.

“According to the government decision, the purpose behind building a hi-tech park and IT village is to attract foreign companies to invest in Bangladesh’s IT sector, as well as develop home-grown technological capabilities in our developing local industries,” Mejbah added.

DRAFT REPORT: Feasibility Study Rajshahi Borendra Silicon City.


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