• MoU signing between Fair Electronics Limited and Foodpanda

    Samsung authorized distributor Fair Electronics Limited and Foodpanda has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the office of Foodpanda. This partnership is a joint promotion with Samsung Microwave Oven and Foodpanda. Through this campaign, the customers will be able to receive 2 Foodpanda vouchers worth BDT 500, with the purchase of any Microwave Oven […]

  • How to stop blood in stool

    Daily Dhaka Times: Blood in stools is an extremely common aliment and can be seen among people of all ages. On one hand it can occur in large amounts and thus appear very alarming to the patient while on the other hand it can occur in small amounts and thus be ignored by the person. […]

  • Is it true that periods synchronise when women live together?

    BBC News : It’s commonly believed that women who live together eventually experience the syncing of their monthly periods. But could it just be chance? The theory behind the syncing of menstrual cycles is that women’s pheromones interact when they are in close proximity, causing them to have their period at the same time. Many females […]

  • Music can helps for your performance in office!

    Daily Dhaka Times  : Music is a part of life. because Music can have an important effect on cooperation at the workplace, a new study suggests. Researchers Kevin Kniffin, Jubo Yan, Brian Wansink and William Schulze describe two studies they conducted to test the effect of different types of music on the cooperative behaviour of individuals […]

  • The 10 most beautiful bikes of 2016

    BBC News : Beauty comes in many forms. Engineering and craftsmanship can be beautiful. So can user-friendliness, performance, even social significance — and, of course, forms and colours can be beautiful too. In this highly subjective annual list of the most noteworthy pedal-powered machinery, we strive to embrace the beautiful in whatever form it takes […]

  • How To Become A Celebrity On Facebook

    Social Times : While becoming famous can take a long time, one of the best ways to accelerate your way to stardom is to fake it and Facebook is the perfect platform for doing that. Here’s a guide on how to become a celebrity in no time at all! Post Sexy Profile Photo The first key […]

  • Headphone pick-up advice is not sweet music to women’s ears

    What is the point of having well-rehearsed pick-up lines if their intended target can’t even hear them? It’s no good trying to chat up women in the street, on the train, or wherever, if their ears are otherwise occupied listening to music on their smartphone. Self-styled “dating and relationship expert” Dan Bacon offered his solutions […]

  • Germans are watching more TV and having less sex

    Books and theater are out, digital fun is in, according to a recent survey on Germans’ favorite pastimes. Meeting with friends and having sex are also less common – but Germans love the internet. Nearly all Germans – 97 percent – like to chill after work or school in front of the television. According to […]

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