• Obama Just Nominated A Muslim To Be A Federal Judge. That’s A First

    Huffington Post : President Barack Obama made history on Tuesday by nominating the first Muslim person to the federal judiciary, Abid Qureshi. “I am pleased to nominate Mr. Qureshi to serve on the United States District Court bench,” Obama said in a statement. “I am confident he will serve the American people with integrity and […]

  • Saudi Arabia,Russia to call for oil market cooperation

    Daily Dhaka Times /Reuters : Top oil producers Saudi Arabia and Russia on Monday plan to make a joint statement during the G20 summit in China calling for cooperation to support oil markets, several sources with knowledge of the matter said. The announcement comes as oil prices have more than halved since 2014 to under […]

  • China Tells G20 leaders to Avoid ‘Empty Talk’

    Daily Dhaka Times/BBC : China’s President Xi Jinping has urged leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies to avoid “empty talk” as they look to quicken economic growth. World leaders are at the annual economic summit, which is being hosted in China for the first time. President Xi said the global economy was recovering but faced […]

  • 35,000 illegal residents rounded up in Dubai in 2016

    Khaleej Times : The Anti-Infiltration Department of the Dubai Police said 15,348 people were held for infiltrating country; they included 2,520 women. The number of infltrators has increased by 1,884 in comparison with the number last year. During the first half of this year the Dubai Police have arrested 34,561 violators of residency laws and […]

  • Brazil President Dilma Rousseff removed from office

    Daily Dhaka Times : Brazil’s Senate has voted to remove President Dilma Rousseff from office for manipulating the budget.It puts an end to the 13 years in power of her left-wing Workers’ Party. Ms Rousseff had denied the charges.   Sixty-one senators voted in favour of her dismissal and 20 against, meeting the two-thirds majority […]

  • Saudi to pay for 1,000 Palestinians to perform Hajj

    The Saudi King will provide a royal grant to 1,000 Palestinians to perform the pilgrimage to Makkah Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz issued a royal grant to 1,000 relatives of Palestinian martyrs to perform the Hajj this year, Quds Press reported. The Saudi minister of endowment, who supervise the Hajj, said the Palestinians deserve “honour and respect” […]

  • Thousands of migrants rescued off Libyan coast in one day

    Daily Dhaka Times : The Italian coastguard says, About 6,500 migrants have been rescued off Libya, that is one of the biggest operations of its kind to date. Some 40 co-ordinated rescue missions took place about 20km (12 miles) off the Libyan town of Sabratha, it added. On Sunday more than 1,100 migrants were rescued in […]

  • Children die in Aegean Sea in unabated refugee wave

    Daily Dhaka Times: At least 11 people including children have died and 13 others remain missing after a boat carrying about 50 refugees sank in the eastern Aegean Sea. Greek authorities say, reports Al Jazeera. The coast guard said the accident occurred early on Wednesday when a wooden boat carrying the refugees from Turkey sank […]

  • China will block your mobile service if you use a VPN there

    Daily Dhaka Times: China has begun cracking down on citizens in the mainland who access online content created beyond its borders. The New York Times reports that several residents in Xinjiang who use virtual private network (VPN) software have had their mobile services turned off. Local police began cutting off cellular connectivity last week for […]

  • Complaint Filed Against Aamir Over Intolerance Row

    Daily Dhaka Times: A complaint has now been filed against Bollywood actor Aamir Khan over his statement that there is a sense of insecurity in the country and that his wife has even suggested leaving India, fearing for the safety of their kids. The complaint has been filed at the New Ashok Nagar police station […]

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