Can a planetary magnetic vacuum tunnel prevent nuclear war?

Can a planetary magnetic vacuum tunnel prevent the predicted nuclear war?
Can a planetary magnetic vacuum tunnel prevent the predicted nuclear war?

Md Golam Sharoar Saymum: Teachers always inspire us to do something good. When I was in college, one of my teachers invited us to write creative thoughts to him. He asked us if we had anything or any creative idea to share, we can share it with him. I had a lot of things to share but very little time to do so. So, I talked with my family, managed the routine, and shared a plan with him. The goal was straightforward. I didn’t know if I was right or wrong or whatever, but I wrote it and shared it with my teacher. I shared my plan of “The floating train” with him.

As kids, we were used to playing with magnets. We know that opposite poles attract and the same pole repulses. So, the attraction and repulsion of the appeals were the central themes of the plan. I tried as hard as I could to design the concept of my imaginary floating train in papers. The design was not so good, and it was tough for me to draw my entire image of the plan on documents. Then I shared it with my teacher. It was an event that took place in 2019.

Now, I want to share the broader implications of my plan. Humanity needs to explore the sky, and rockets are a costly and dangerous way to do so. So, we need to replace rockets with something better. To do so, I used to think of alternatives for rockets and then came up with this idea. The idea of “The Planetary Magnetic Vacuum Tunnel.” There is an escape velocity from the Earth’s surface, and that is 11.2 kilometers per second. If an object travels 11.2 km per second and can be thrown upwards with this speed, it will go into space.

To achieve that much speed through a magnetic tunnel, we need a very long runway. So, the runway might have to be planetary. It’s supposed to be underground, and it will circle Earth one or more times if needed. And we will have to try to make the tunnel airless, or you can say, we have to make it a vacuum tunnel so that the speed of the train or whatever the object we want to throw into space is not obstructed due to the wind. Like magnetic push, we can use many other ways to achieve that speed. A floating train is just an example; anything with the right way can be thrown into space. The launcher point can be at the summit of Everest. Once the required velocity is achieved, we can throw anything into space.

And why stop on Earth? The next target is the Moon. We can first try to make a substantial livable base on the Moon in which millions of people can live. If we succeed, we can build a tunnel like the one on Earth on the Moon with those people. It can be used if we seek to aim outside of the solar system. We can develop the technologies to visit other solar systems like ours, even for a one-way trip. Maybe, almost all of us heard the story of Adam (Hazrat Adam A.) and Eve (Hazrat Hawa A.) and how they were sent from heaven to Earth. I believe in the creator and the lessons provided by him in the Quran. There lies a fundamental task in this story. We were given intelligence, and now we can try to use it. We can execute our Adam (A.) and Eve (A.) mission on the universe. We can send out millions of people targeting other livable planets so that if only he (Creator) wills, they can ensure by surviving that humanity will survive long.

But, this is very nearly impossible without ensuring Global Peace. This is a global issue and a universal act. So, everyone is involved. But, the current situation of the world is not so good. We are at war with each other, cold war, civil war, you name it. Through the history lessons, I have learned a lot about the conflicts and world wars of the past. But, now the pandemic is creating situations that risk repeating history – to have conflict and war. Nowadays, almost everyone is predicting the so-called third world war or nuclear war. “The end is near” this sentence is nearly as famous as the Moon. Seems like a sign of hopelessness. Why do atomic weapons exist except as a threat to the existence of humanity?

Let’s talk about space. We need to take a scientific look at the area. Scientists say billions of stars and planets are out there in the sky, and some of them might be habitable. So, rather than trying to develop suicidal technologies like war weapons, why not together we try our best to invent the technologies to reach there? If humanity manages to do so, then each country can have its planets. We are dependent on nature as we develop things using natural resources. I believe inventing things is like solving puzzles, and still, the character has a lot of mysteries. We need to translate them to figure out amazing things. There was a time when electric bulbs were impossible, but now please look at us, Sir. What we have accomplished from the first light bulb!!! So, think about what we will achieve in the next 100 years if humanity survives.

The great migration is just a thought or imagination. It might occur when humanity can get to other planets quickly and start living there. It might give humanity a chance to survive longer than our imagination. Traveling to another solar system might seem impossible now. But, what if it’s just another puzzle to solve. The main question is, will we ever act as one species? Even though the idea came up, some people will think of doing business or running political agendas. I hate them right now.

I am Md Golam Sharoar Saymum. I am seventeen years old. I am a student of Rangpur Government College, Bangladesh

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