‘Brain Boss’ will find the Activity Level of Human Brain

Banner-Brain-BossDaily Dhaka Times: Gamers who are tired of playing stereotype mindless games – can now experience this new puzzle game to find the efficacy level of their brain.

Brain Boss is a memory concentration game, created by Rise Up Labs and available for free in the App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Windows phone Store.

‘Brain Boss’ is a fast paced exciting color and number matching game with Minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasant UI and challenging game-play.

This game will test the player’s brain workout skill simply by tapping on the accurate number with the appropriate color on the screen. This might sound simple, but will help the player to improve his/her memory skills.

The left hemisphere of the brain processes logic and numbers and the right responses rhythm and color.

While playing this game, player will be forced to process all four of these attributes, as the game-play is to tap on the right number with same color at the right time, and this will force the brain to consolidate the working system between two hemispheres of the brain.

There will be a time window for each given number and five chances for wrong taps, but each wrong taps will cause time shortage for the next round. In the end of the game, player will get his/her result.

“Brain Boss is a combination of epic fun with casual and puzzle game,” – commented by Ershadul Hoque, the Founder and CEO of Rise Up Labs.

“The game-play, the UI, the visuals and the sounds we used are simple but eye-catching and unique. If you play the game, you’ll get to know the limits of your brain and how good your concentration power is.

And, this game will undoubtedly boost up and take up your memorizing skills to the deep.” So, do you want to challenge your memory concentration ability? It’s a serial of taps, if you can.

Rise Up Labs will arrange a Mobile Gaming Contest through their Facebook page at (facebook.com/riseuplabs) from 6th November 2015. So download the game and get yourself ready for the contest. Keep an eye on their FB page for the contest.

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