Beautiful baubles



An accessory has the power to turn heads. It can transform your entire look, and add that little bit of glitz to an outfit. With that in mind, Naina Chowdhury ventured into the business this year with her online jewellery store, fiorii.

Naina, a student of Pathshaala South Asian University, felt her love for jewellery grow only a few years ago. When she decided to start the business, she struggled with the name even after her first collection was ready. Finally, she settled on fiorii; the name and the logo represent the simplicity and grace of the brand.

Naina sources the jewellery from China, while some of the traditional designs are made in Bangladesh. She hopes to bring more collections from India in the future, too. She mostly brings the kind of jewellery she would wear herself, while also keeping current trends in mind. What remains consistent, however, is that the uniqueness each piece of jewellery holds, at a price ranging from Tk500 to Tk5,000.

Naina admits that she has not been able to give fiorii as much of her time and attention as she’d like, being a full-time henna artist and a student. However, from the very onset of this venture, the response fiorii has received has been immense. “Some people, who don’t necessarily buy my products, will still send me a message to tell me they love the designs,” says Naina. “That’s what makes me truly happy.”

You can check out fiorii’s collections at: