Banglalink VS BLEU: Next hearing 23rd August


Banglalink Employees Union (BLEU) had started its journey on the 29th of January,2016 with their first meeting to form an Union. Then on the 7th of February,2016 BLEU applied for Registration with 719 members to the Department of Labour, the Ministry of Labour and Employment, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

However, just within a week of applying for Registration, Banglalink management offered a golden handshake in the name of VSS (Voluntary Separation Scheme). In the process, a significant number of employees left the organization. In the meantime, in April 2016, the Department of Labour also rejected the Union’s registration application.

In October 2016, Banglalink management offered another golden handshake in VSS’s name (Voluntary Separation Scheme) only for the employees of the Technology department. Through this VSS, more employees left the company, including some executive committee members, including the President & General Secretary of BLEU.

But despite these, BLEU kept on with the challenging journey. The executive committee of BLEU was reformed. BLEU kept on organizing and kept on adding new members.

After four years of intense legal battle, BLEU eventually got the judgment in favor of them from the honorable Labour court on the 27th of January,2020.

Then on the 9th of February,2020 just within 15 days of getting the judgment, BLEU subsequently got the Registration from the Department of Labour, The Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

However, Banglalink management filed a writ petition in the High Court against the Labour Court judgment, to Cancel the Registration of the Union & to Stop all Union activities. Subsequently, the High court decided on the 26th of February,2020, setting aside the Labour Court’s judgment.

BLEU went to the Chamber Judge to challenge the ruling of the high court.

Then, on the 6th of August,2020, after hearing both the parties, Honorable Chamber Judge gave a status quo and sent the case to the Supreme Court’s full bench for hearing, which is to be held on the 23rd of August,2020.

After Grameenphone Employees Union (GPEU) the first registered Union among operators, BLEU is the second Union to get the Registration.

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