First crowdsourced penetration testing platform for hackers


BeetlesDaily Dhaka Times: Bangladeshi technology firm, Beetles Cyber Security Ltd, has developed the country’s first crowdsourced penetration testing platform to build a trusted, hacker-centric approach to protecting an organization’s digital attack surface.

In a press release, Beetles stated that, even though the Beetles platform is a new concept in terms of Bangladesh, this practice is widely accepted and incorporated in enterprises all over the modern world. Beetles have found that some of the researchers and ethical hackers working for top security firms globally, are from Bangladesh.

The Beetles platform has been developed to harness these skills and to provide a hacker’s point-of-view approach to ensure an organization’s approach to security, in what they call “The Hacker’s Approach.”

The Beetles crowdsourced security platform is an exclusive program and to be a part of it, applicants must go through a rigorous vetting process and extensive background checks. But once in, they are bound under a non-disclosure agreement and can then participate in Beetles’ services, such as, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, source code audit, network forensics, IoA, IoC, Malware analysis, mobility security and end-point security.

Details are available at The Beetles platform provides the client’s organization with an overview of their engagement, logs to monitor and a full report, downloadable and exportable, including guideline on how to patch the vulnerabilities found.

The final reports are validated and authenticated by an CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) to ensure global best practices. The Beetles Red Team, comprised of its core researchers and ethical hacker founders, have the sole mission of warding off cyber criminals and safeguarding the client’s data, ensuring that no Revenue Impact or Business Impact befall the client.

The Red Team is assigned to security engagements in the financial sector and other selected clients.

Regarding the initiative, Beetles Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Md. Muqeet Halim, said, “Due to the lack of an established and a vibrant security industry in Bangladesh, most of the talented and skillful hackers are disappearing, going off to different fields and career paths. We are working, with different private entities and the defense sector, towards utilizing these talents and skills, with the goal of building a safer and more secure Digital environment in Bangladesh.”


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