‘Bangladesh still has a long way to go’


On the occasion of Victory Day yesterday, thousands of citizens from all walks of life visited the National Memorial in Savar, to pay tribute to the fallen heroes whose sacrifices brought us Bangladesh. Of them, a few speak to Dhaka Tribune’s Arifur Rahman Rabbi about what they understand about independence and what needs to be done to take the country forward

Sharif Uddin, NGO employee

Bangladesh has not achieved as much growth as expected since liberation. Corruption is rampant everywhere. The prime minister is working hard to stop it, but she is failing because of those working under her.

Some businessmen create artificial crises of commodities to raise prices, for which common citizens suffer. We don’t want them to keep capitalizing on our miseries the way Pakistan did before 1971. 

As a country, we still have a long way to go.

Moni Rani, housewife

We fought Pakistan to avail basic rights for ourselves in an independent country. Yet after so many years, we have yet to reach our goal. As a mother, it is proper education and nutrition that are two basic essentials I want to provide to my children, but the upward trend of essentials’ prices is a cause for concern. When basic rights are not ensured, development gets hampered. The government must strictly look into the matter. 

Md Nure Alam, college vice principal

The rights for which we fought for an independent Bangladesh are yet to be established. The development we expected to see in the last 48 years has not happened. Now, we have to teach the new generation about the Liberation War. They must understand why the war happened, and what the spirit of independence means. They can take the country forward in line with that spirit. 

Nadim Khan, college student

As a student, I want to say that in terms of education, we have regressed more than we have progressed. The quality of our education is bad when compared to that of other countries. On top of that, our exam system is crippled by the menace of question leaks. 

The government should put more efforts into improving the quality of our education, as not everyone in Bangladesh can afford to study abroad.