Bangladesh Heritage Crafts Foundation celebrates ‘Winter Carnival 2019’



With the representation of the Bangladesh’s past and current heritage and crafts, Bangladesh Heritage Crafts Foundation arranged a two-day long winter fair at Gulshan Lake Park. While representing the local heritage, the fair also celebrated The Liberation Day and Martyred Intellectuals Day on December 13 and 14.

Honourable Ministers, Ministry of Commerce, Tipu Munshi MP and Ministry of Industries, Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun MP attended the events as the chief guests and encouraged the people of the nation to promote more local craftsmanship and local wear. The participation of the Chinese Ambassador H E, Li Jiming and the Netherland Ambassador H E, Harry Verweij in the events as the guests lifted up the event with their recognition and respect for the ancient heritage of Bangladesh. 

The founder of the club, Tootli Rahman said: “The purpose of the club and the event is to revive and restore our rich heritage. Muslin, jamdani and other craftsmanship of our country, which are world famous, have declined significantly in the past 30 years. Besides these, the use of khadi, gamchha, monipuri, and benarasi sari is declining as well.” With this Tootli mentioned about the production team of the famous Bollywood movie, Devdas, who came to Mirpur and bought our local saris. “Although, here, we have the materials, we don’t showcase it as beautifully; because, we don’t try. But we can, and with that we can increase the popularity of the local crafts,” she added. 

The open space with its free entry entertained the guests with children’s games, snacks, bioscope, stalls with heritage displays, and cultural and folk performances.

The special attraction was the 50 feet long canvas painted by artist Jamal Ahmed and his team consisting of nationally and internationally renowned artists, showcasing the history of Bangladesh from 1952, the Language movement, the succession of the Father of the Nation to the succession of his eldest daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. 

To make the event more entertaining, Tootli styled and choreographed a number of fashion shows. On the first day, she showed the past and present holud and wedding ceremonies, she showcased nakshi, jamdani, hand painted muslins, and folk art on khadi and gamchha. On the following day, she displayed Jamal Ahmed and Kanak Chanpa Chakma’s beautiful work on saris, zamindari style saris and modern trends in Bangladesh. Lastly, it ended with rickshaw art on khadi and monipuri presentation.

Shaheen Samad and Dalia Naushin added life to the event, with patriotic songs and their experiences from 1971. Other reputed singers like Mehreen, Shwapnil, Noorjehan Alim and Dr Amitabha Chanda enthralled the audience.

Guests paid their tribute to the martyred by lighting candles and dressed in red and green outfits for the event. The festive fair came to an end with guests taking away added respect for the martyred and the local heritage.  

The two-day long event was successfully organized by TS events, while the venue was sponsored by Gulshan Society and Joggers Club.