Arab ad network Adbliv coming to Bangladesh

Arab ad network 'Adbliv' coming to Bangladesh
Arab ad network 'Adbliv' coming to Bangladesh

Daily Dhaka Times: For the first time for advertisers and online publishers in Bangladesh, UAE-based ad network ‘Adbliv’ is coming up with the motto of ‘connecting authentic and organic audiences’.

The technology-based advertising company will officially launch its journey to Bangladesh in early August. They will automatically deliver advertisers the best advertising options on various websites, depending on their target audience.

In a press release sent on Thursday, the company said that the idea of ad network in Bangladesh is ancient, but ‘Adbliv’ is coming up with something new.

The company’s officials expressed their determination to work on transparency and real advertising viewability in the first place. The platform is significantly different from the other platforms available in the Bangladeshi market for advertisers.

We want the network to be an online marketplace for digital advertising, enabling advertisers to launch personalized website ad campaigns using targeted data analytics for consumer life maps, behavior, social connections, and demography.

Also, this ad network is capable of tracking click frauds and measuring campaign performance on multiple parameters. They also want to bring creativity to advertising to spread this new stream of advertisements to other Bengali speakers globally, including Bangladesh.

The company hopes that ‘Adbliv’ will play an important role in building relations between brands and publishers.

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