Al Bashar serves free eye care facilities in 44 countries

pic-02[Special Interview] Dr Adel Abdul Aziz Ar Rashud is the honorable citizen of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is a charity loving person. Dr Ar Rashud is the founding Secretary General of Al Bashar International Foundation, a free eye care charity foundation. He was born in 1957. In the year 1981 Dr Ar Rashud completed his M.B.B.S from King Faisal University and later in 1982 he joined at King Fahad Medical University as a an excellent doctor. As an excellent scholar he completed his fellowship from Ophthalmology at King Faisal University in 1988. Later in 1990 Dr Ar Rashud got his PhD. From King Khalid University. Throughout the world Al Bashar International Foundation running their free eye care facilities in 44 countries. Dr Ar Rashud is the honorable member of WHO, Arab African Council for Ophthalmology, Saudi Arabia Al Noor Charitable Foundation and Saudi Society for Ophthalmology and Blindness Prevention Center. He was honored with international prizes in several times for his contributions in charity activities. In short the prizes he was honored are—Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Ahmad Bin Abdul Aziz Prize, Arab African Prize, Bisamoon Nilayeen the national prize of Sudan and International GOH Neumann Prize. At present Dr Ar Rashud is the Professor of Dammam Medical University.

We the met with Dr Rashud at capital’s Ann Noor Eye Hospital. Maulana Miraj Rahman, departmental head of Priyo Islam, interviewed Dr Ar Rashud for our readers. Here you go…

What is the main driving force behind your free eye care facilities you are serving all over the world? 

Dr Ar Rashud: To do something for my fellow Muslim brothers and the destitute all are my main driving force behind the activities. All over the world we serve the people who are facing sight problems. In one word I came here in this profession for the betterment for our loving Muslim brothers living all around the world.

Why have you chosen the charity activities only in eye care despite the others?

Dr Ar Rashud: Personally I am a specialist in Ophthalmology. Around the world one thing is visible in everywhere that is one should do the particular thing in which he/she is expert. This thing is important because the person can give his efforts to do best in the profession. An educationalist should do his/her activities centering education and an engineer should do the same in the field of engineering as well. So as an Ophthalmology expert I have chosen the charity work as my profession.

pic-03If you say something about Distressed Humanity and Islam, especially relationship between the two?                                     

Dr Ar Rashud: Islam is the religion of distressed humanity. Humanity is one of the fundamentals of Islamic education. So I can say Islam and Distressed Humanity are en
gaged with each other. You might have known that Mohammad (PBUH) said that the whole Muslim Ummah is similar to a physique. When parts of a body became hurt the whole body can feel the pain. When the Muslim Ummah faces any problems the fellow Muslim brothers all over the world should expand their hands to help the oppressed. We are doing our activities remembering this.

What kinds of activities you are running in Bangladesh right now?  

Dr Ar Rashud: We started our activities in 1990. At present we are running our activities in 44 countries all over the world. In the year 1992 we started our activities in Bangladesh through a camp in Cox’s Bazar. Later we founded Ann Noor Eye Hospital and Mecca Hospital. Al Bashar International Foundation is running four types of activities. Firstly Free Eye Camp, Secondly Hospitalised Service—in Bangladesh we have four hospitals, Thirdly Eye Care campaign in Schools and the last one is Education and Training activities.

What is your future plan for Bangladesh?    

Dr Ar Rashud: If Allah wants we want to expand our activities in Bangladesh. We want to establish hospital in our own land. And we want to expand facilities in our existing hospitals in Bangladesh.        

Can we hear your dreams which you want to implement in future? 

Dr Ar Rashud: All my dreams are centering Al Bashar. If Allah wants I want to expand the facilities as well as our activities to help the Muslim all over the world. At present we are serving only in 44 countries which can be widen. All my work are very much tiny than my dream. One institute cannot do all the things but we should try.

_MG_9844How you feel about them who are receiving treatments for their visual problems all over the world?

Dr Ar Rashud: None can do anything without Allah’s permission. Allah allows us and we are working. We cannot say we are working much. We are working it’s true but Allah is the only one who can receive all our efforts. In this regard I want to say my duty is to work and if Allah wants can grant my work.

We know you have received several prizes for your contributions, how you feel about those?

Dr Ar Rashud: Al Bashar Foundation never does anything to get prize, our aim is to get satisfaction from almighty Allah by standing beside the Muslim Ummah. It’s true we have received different prizes in several times but that was not our main focus. We want to move forward and never care for those.

Do you want to say something for Bangladeshi Muslims and Alem-Ulama?

Dr Ar Rashud: I always pray for our Bangladeshi fellow brothers as they are part of the whole Muslim Ummah. We are very much delighted to help the Bangladeshi Muslim brothers. Personally I and Al Bashar Foundation are very much grateful to this country’s Alem-Ulama society including all Alem-Ulama in the world. May Allah grants us all to serve Islam, Ameen.




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