A teenager’s view: The pandemic and Mankind

A teenager's view: The pandemic and Mankind
A teenager's view: The pandemic and Mankind

At the very beginning of human civilization, we have learned to live in company. This is a story of a group of people who have learned that after facing a lot of trouble. This was a nonracial, uniquely united group, and everyone was dependent on each other. They were exploring the earth together. A lot of things were still unknown to them.

They had a group leader to guide them. He was much older and had a lot of experience. This was possibly an ideal group. While exploring, they found a volcanic crater. They did not know what it was. Even the group leader didn’t know exactly what it was. He had only heard stories about it and known very little about the danger it possessed.

They were very curious about it. The fastest guy in the group was the most curious one. So he decided to explore it first while the group leader was giving warnings about it. He did not pay much attention to his group leader. Most of the members didn’t listen to their group leader. They entered the volcano through the crater, following the fattest guy.

It was an active volcano. As the fattest guy entered the volcano first, he felt tremendous heat. As he was the most curious one, he suppressed the pain he was feeling and didn’t warn the others. He had to explore it. One by one, most of them entered the volcano. Soon they all felt the same. Their foot was almost burning. As it was a new thing to them, they did not know what lava was.

The fattest guy put his foot on lava to find out what it was. He finds it out by losing his leg from the ankle. He screamed so severely that his leader could hear it from the top of that volcanic hill. They all could understand the danger it possessed. The leader declared it an emergency. He asked them to get out of there as soon as possible. At the same time, the lava level was rising. The volcano was going to explode, but they did not know about it.

One of the most dominant but inexperienced members other than the group leader said to keep his dominance over the group, “It is nothing, and it doesn’t pose any threat to us. So we must continue exploring”, even seeing the danger with his own eyes. There were some intellectuals in that group too to support him. They said, “We will build something like a body armor for each of you that will help you against the heat and molten lava by the time it reaches us.”

But soon, they figured out that they couldn’t do it in time. The lava level was rising to the volcanic crater, and it was growing fast. They were frightened. They all were in a hurry to get out of that volcano. They all were injured either by the heat or by the molten lava. Moreover, sliding rocks were falling on them as they hurried to climb up to that volcanic crater and get out of there. The allies of the fattest guy were helping him out.

After reaching the top, the same guy saying it possessed no threat to them punched the leader by saying, “Why didn’t you warn us before?” The leader said, “Did I not warn you? It’s no time for arguing or quarreling. Let’s get out of here because it’s going to explode as I have heard in that story” It’s still unknown what happened with them after the volcanic explosion.

Compare this imaginary story with the current situation of the world. Take the volcano as the pandemic, molten lava level rising as the coronavirus outbreak, the group leader as the World Health Organization, and each person represents a country. Here the volcanic explosion represents the ultimate state of the pandemic. In that stage, three to four billion people might get infected, and they might continue infecting each other through a corona cycle unless we correctly handle the situation now. I don’t have to explain further, do I? You know the rest.

Until today, through much scientific research, we could learn many things about the new Novel Coronavirus. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger,” as far as we have known, Coronavirus denies this old saying. Human civilization faced many other viruses before, but this new novel Coronavirus is not like any of them. It’s highly adapted to infect more humans.

During this pandemic, a lot of questions arose about the new Novel Coronavirus and the pandemic. For example, how long will the pandemic last long? How long will it take to get a proper vaccine? Comparing to the past, is it the most infectious virus yet? This virus is airborne; is it sexually transmitting too? Does this virus have any long-term effects like AIDS? Does this virus permanently damage any part of the human body? Can it stay hidden for some time, like HIV in the person’s body, even after the infected person gets well? What will happen to the patients after five or six years? I had more questions but didn’t want to be a panic monger.

I am neither worrying about the pandemic nor about the virus. I am worried about us breaking some universal laws—the laws given to us as a gift from our creator. Our creator has forbidden us from eating predatory animals, but we have eaten them in China. Predatory animals contain viruses. So the pandemic might have started in that market of Wuhan in China. Our creator had gifted us some laws for a running pandemic too.

During a pandemic, he ordered us to stay in the same place where we were staying. But when this pandemic started, we broke the law by returning to our motherland from China or any other country. After that, the virus spreads out globally. When a pandemic reaches this stage, our creator ordered us to keep patience and hope. But we are opening shopping malls, zoos, recreation centers, restaurants and everything else which is not mandatory for our lives in this situation. We might want to reconsider our next step.

Why do we have Traffic Police and Traffic Laws? Because we want to keep our people safe, we want fewer accidents and fewer deaths on the road. But most people don’t want to abide by those laws. If there were no Police, most of them would not have been abiding by the rules. Most of them don’t want to comply with that law; does that mean we will lift all of the laws and regulations? Same here in the pandemic, most of the people don’t want to abide by the restrictions. Does that mean we are going to forget the law, order, and regulations as well? We couldn’t even make the mask mandatory. It may not be 100% effective, but worth a try.

Consider this as a World War. In this war, our enemy is a virus. We can’t see it coming, but we have an option. We can defend ourselves using the mask as our shield. We can stay away from the enemy by maintaining social distancing. Our enemy doesn’t care if we are poor or rich, black or white, religious or non-religious. It will infect us or possibly kill us if it gets a chance. It’s not killing everybody, but it’s sure leaving a lot of wounded soldiers behind.

Once again, it’s proven that humanity is first, not America, not China, not Russia, or any other. As a human, we all are connected with and dependent on each other. Come on, people, treat this pandemic as a pandemic. We have a history of more than a hundred million dead people in a pandemic. Then the population was a lot less. But now, we have almost eight billion people. The bigger the number, the higher the risk. Let’s hope and fight for a healthier future.

If Allah wills, we will make it out of this pandemic healthier. We are in this together. If Allah wills one day, we will be out of it together too. So, let’s hope and act carefully. We all know the power of wishing. This is it. I hope you find it helpful.

I am Md Golam Sharoar Saymum. I am seventeen years old. I am a student of Rangpur Government College, Bangladesh.

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