• OPPO showcases ‘Waterfall Screen’ technology

    On July 29th, OPPO unveils a prototype device featuring the “ Waterfall Screen” design, which has a stronger visual impact due to an almost vertical 88° curved body that makes the device almost completely borderless. It represents OPPO’s innovative exploration of brand-new form factor of mobile phones. It also reflects OPPO’s exploration of full-screen technology […]

  • The roar of Samsung has become much louder than Apple

    Ever since Apple Inc. released its first iPhone, the company has been consumers’ favorite, even surpassing sales of the many flagship Android smartphones. But recently, the sales of iPhones are plummeting in many nations around the world and the scenario has not been favorable for Apple. According to a recent study by BankMyCell, an increasing […]

  • oppo f11 pro

    OPPO F11 Pro: Smartphone for best portrait camera

    During the second quarter of 2019,ever evolving smartphone brand OPPO had introduced its pinnacle of portrait photography, the OPPO F11 Pro in Bangladeshi market. Ever since OPPO had announced its plan to launch this phone in Bangladesh, it created a hype among the smartphone fans, especially it created a great appeal to the smartphone photographers. […]

  • Re-branding for service innovations: Tarun Jain

    Japanese electronic giant Hitachi has transformed its flagship brand into Maxell in Bangladesh market recently. Talking to Daily Dhaka Times, Hitachi Singapore Business Development General Manager Tarun Jain described stories behind the brand transformation. Joined Hitachi in February, 2000 he Has played a key role in more than tripling revenue. He look after the Sales, […]

  • SureCash subscribers can make payments on e-commerce website

    website More than 15 million subscribers of the country’s leading mobile financial serviceSureCash are now able to make payments to more than 3500 e-Commerce merchant websites from their SureCash Walletthrough SSL Wireless’s Payment Gateway platform SSLCOMMERZ. To launch this new service, SureCash recently signed an agreement with the country’s leading ITES, FinTech and Payment Services […]

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