Viber Public Chats gets immense popularity in Bangladesh

viber public chatDaily Dhaka Times: Viber Public Chats, a new mobile platform allowing users to follow a wide range of celebrities, personalities and brands, has gained immense popularity in Bangladesh. The platform has been introduced by Viber, the leading mobile communications app offering free messaging and HD-quality calls.

Launched in November 2014, Viber Public Chats allow users to discover, share and follow live discussions from a wide variety of celebrities, personalities and brands across different genres including news, sports, music, fashion, entertainment and more, using the familiar interface of the instant messaging platform. Anyone on Viber can follow as many of these chats as they like on their desktops or mobile devices. Public Chats are multi-media and include text, photos, video, stickers, web links and much more.

Viber users can invite friends to follow the Public Chats that interest them .The most popular chats are featured on the home screen of the Public Chats section of Viber. Users can easily search to find out who is chatting, or they can access a chat directly through its customized URL.

With the joining of celebrities, personalities and brands, Viber Public Chats is getting a large number of new users and followers in Bangladesh.

Some popular celebrities like Sabrina Porshi, Kona Dilshad, Arfin Rumey, Topu, Mila, Bappa Mazumder, DJ Rahat, Elita Karim have joined Viber Public Chats, where fans can get a sneak peek into the lives of these celebrities.

The latest addition to the list has been Prothom Alo, the leading Bangla newspaper of the country that has recently joined in Viber Public Chats. Now readers from all over the country can get news updates through Viber Public Chats instantly. Prothom Alo is also getting an opportunity to reach thousands of readers through the new platform.

Celebrities and brands can write to Viber on to create their own Public chats.

“We have been adding new partners and celebrities in Bangladesh on a regular basis. The fact that we are getting fresh requests every day is a testimony to the popularity of the platform. Public Chats as a platform has gained immense popularity across the country and we have received a fantastic user response!” said Anubhav Nayyar, Regional Head- Viber South Asia.

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