NBR to take heavy action to hunt potential taxpayers

NBRDaily Dhaka Times: The National Board of Revenue (NBR) is planning to launch a special drive to identify potential taxpayers who have continued to dodge paying taxes.

The initiative was taken as part of the NBR plan to bring at least 320,000 taxpayers under the tax net by the end of this fiscal year. The drive titled “NBR Survey-2015” may begin this month.

Under the survey, the 29 tax zonal offices have been instructed to find out at least 20,000 new and potential taxpayers from each zone, officials said.

The tax commissioners concerned will implement the plan as the NBR member (survey) will be in the supervisions.

NBR Chairman Nojibur Rahman said the board would conduct the special survey along with taking up other regular surveys to expedite the revenue earning.

The government has a target to raise the number of active taxpayers to 3m in next four years as the present government completes its office.

Currently, there are around 1.7m TIN holders in the country. Among them nearly 1.2m of them submit income tax returns.

The NBR is assigned to meet a gigantic tax collection target of Tk1,76,370 crore this fiscal year. From the amount, the major part – Tk65,932 crore – is expected to receive from income tax source.

The NBR has now become desperate to meet the revenue target and is, therefore, undertaking initiatives as presumed necessary, officials said.

As per the special drive plan, the NBR team will visit houses, shops and other commercial establishments in the city’s posh areas to find out the potential taxpayers. The officials will take support from service agencies to scrutinise information related to income, wealth and property of the potentially eligible taxpayers.

The field offices will form separate teams to conduct the survey at least three times a week. The teams have to prepare lists of new taxpayers under their respective areas and will send the lists to the respective zones each month.

The local government, public works department and inland resources division will help the NBR teams prepare the lists.

Earlier in 2012, the NBR had conducted a survey and identified 163,000 who were eligible but avoiding taxes.

Tax officials said the board was able to identify and bring 270,000 new taxpayers under the net through combined and separate survey activities. Initiatives are also underway to bring the potential taxpayers through spot assessment, they added.

According to the Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2014, prepared by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP) of the United Nations, less than 1% of the population pay taxes in Bangladesh.

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