More people will leave BNP: Hanif

Mahbub-Ul-Alam-HanifDaily Dhaka Times: After BNP leader Shamsher Mobin Chowdhury announced his retirement from politics, the ruling Awami Leagues claims more leaders will leave the party.

“I believe those in the BNP, who believe in the spirit of the Liberation War, will shun its leadership, which is inclined towards terrorism, to reform the party,” said Awami League Joint Secretary General Mahbub-Ul-Alam Hanif.

Chowdhury, who was the vice chairman of the party announced his ‘retirement’ from politics on Thursday.

The former foreign secretary, known to be close to BNP’s top leadership, cited ‘deteriorating health condition’ for the decision.

Ruling party leader Hanif said many BNP leaders had lost confidence over the party’s leadership. “Even grass-root level leaders want to revamp the party by excluding Tarique Rahman, Khaleda Zia.”

Hanif had made similar comments earlier.

He had claimed conscientious BNP leaders had shunned Khaleda as they ‘did not approve killing people by firebombing in the name of a movement’.

Meanwhile, the BNP has been alleging that the government was attempting to create a rift in the party.

“BNP is still the most popular party and that’s why the government is trying its best to split it,” Khaleda said in July this year.

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