Info minister urges writers not to be scared of terrorist attacks

Book-PublicationDaily Dhaka Times: Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu has urged the writers and publishers not to be scared of terrorist attacks and requested them to continue their works. He made the call on Sunday at the publication ceremony of two books by expatriate writer Fahmida Hussain.

The minister said the publishers and writers should not be scared of the terrorist attacks which are happening on them. They have to go forward facing such attacks and the pro-liberation force has to be united to combat them, he added.

His statement came a day after attacks on two publishers, Jagriti owner Faysal Arefin Dipon and Suddhoswar chief Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury Tutul. Dipon died in the attack.

Calling Bangladesh a garden and terrorists wild boars, the information minister said they have to be resisted to carry the country forward. The enemies of Bangladesh sustained defeat in 1971, the killers in 1975 have been punished and ‘arson terrorists’ have retreated, he said and expressed his conviction that those now perpetrating terrorism would be punished too.

Earlier the minister unveiled the covers of the two books — ‘Ajachito Sorbonash’, a collection of poems, and ‘Bibash Chaitanya’, a story collection.

Renowned writer Rahat Khan and poets Nasir Ahmed, Rezauddin Stalin and Shanta Maria also spoke at the publication ceremony held at Euro Asiano Restaurant at Ramna Park.

They condemned the terrorist attacks on writers and publishers and urged them to continue their writing braving the attacks.

Poet Shamima Chowdhury Alice moderated the event where a number of other writers, poets and journalists were present. Global MediaCom Pte Limited published the books.

A dental surgeon by training, Fahmida Hussain lives in the United States. As a doctor, she has observed the life in the States and the joy and plight of the people there. The book ‘Bibash Chaitanya’ is a compilation of her experiences in story form in very lucid language.

As a poet, Fahmida is well aware of different aspects of the society. In the poems, she highlighted different irregularities and inconsistencies in the society.

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