Increased bus fare

Bus fareDaily Dhaka Times: Bus fare within Dhaka and Chittagong cities increased with effect from Thursday, but the passengers are at a loss as most of the buses do not carry a list of the new fares.

The fare of these CNG-run buses and minibuses were stepped up due to increase in CNG prices. On 10 September, the government raised the fare by 10 paisa per kilometer. The minimum bus fare and minibus fare remains seven taka and five taka respectively.

According to the bus owners and the ministry for road transport and bridges, the new fares will be applicable for the buses of the Dhaka to Narayanganj, Gazipur, Narsingdi, Manikganj, Munishganj and the Dhaka district routes of the CNG-run buses and minibuses. The new fare will not apply to long-distance routes.

The bus owners and workers claim that they have not received the list of new bus fares as yet, but that is not a valid excuse. The road transport division has said that the lists have been sent to the associations already. Meanwhile, the passengers are being charged news fares randomly.

If the road transport division has sent the list of new fares to the associations, why aren’t these being displayed? Are the bus owners charging more than prescribed? This cannot continue.

Last week traffic in Dhaka city was sparse due to the Eid holidays. This week things will be back to normal. Vehicles and passengers will increase. If the new lists are not placed up, there is bound to be unpleasantness. These lists must be displayed without any further delay. No fare can be collected without the list.

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