• Wizards Ad Networks

    Wizards AdNetworks launched officially

    Bangladeshi internet-based marketing agency Wizards AdNetworks launched officially after completing one year of beta edition of service. Wizards provide all the solutions related online based Google display advertisement, complex digital media planning and buying schemes. The company was launched on sideline of Digital Marketing Summit-2017 at a Dhaka hotel on Saturday. Wizards chief executive officer […]

  • BiyeBari Launched

    Wedding management website ‘BiyeBari’ launched

    Daily Dhaka Times: Bangladeshi technology company Bit Makers Limited launched a new wedding-planner website BiyeBari.com. In a news release on Tuesday, the company claimed the BiyeBari is the ‘first ever’ one-stop solution with online and mobile application. BiyeBari provides the right service if you want to make your special day more organized and attractive. At […]

  • cyber security

    Banks in Bangladesh ‘ignorant’ about cyber security: Research

    Daily Dhaka Times: Bank officials in Bangladesh are largely ‘ignorant’ about cyber security in financial institutions, a research by the Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) has revealed. Of the bank officials surveyed, some 28 percent were found ‘totally ignorant’ and another 20 percent ‘ignorant’. Only 20 percent respondents showed ‘some knowledge’ on the issue. […]

  • First-Job

    Bit Makers launches firstjob-bd

    Daily Dhaka Times: Bit Makers Limited, an Information Technology based company of Bangladesh launches their new service ‘FirstJob-bd.com’. FirstJob-bd is a job portal dedicated to fresh graduates. This is one of its kind which focuses only entry level jobs. FirstJob-bd has come into the market with promising user-friendly UI navigation by which anyone can easily […]

  • Graphics-Tablets

    Multimedia Kingdom Brings 70 Different Models of Graphics Tablets

    Daily Dhaka Times: Not only for professional drawing, many people pick up brushes, colours, art papers or pencils as a form of hobby. However, thanks to technological advancements, that place has been occupied by graphics tablets. With these tablets, not only can drawings become digital, the fear of wasting colors, brushes or paper will also […]

  • BigPrint

    BigPrint toner to ‘reduces 70% printing cost’

    Daily Dhaka Times: Bangladeshi technology product company the Systemeye Technologies has introduced a new laser printer toner product of BIGPRINT brand. The company in a statement claimed that the new branded toner, sound with any laser printers including HP, Cannon, Samsung, Dell, Brother, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, will ‘reduce office printing cost to 70 per cent’. […]

  • Onnorokom Bigganbaksho

    Onnorokom Bigganbaksho arrives in Chittagong

    Daily Dhaka Times: After getting ‘huge’ response from children in Dhaka, first ever science education kit ‘Onnorokom Bigganbaksho (OB)’ participated in the Chittagong International Trade Fair to inspire science education among kids of the port city, a press release said Thursday. In a media release, on Thursday, the learning tool developer Onnorokom Electronics informed that […]

  • Facebook ‘overestimated’ video viewing time

    BBC News : Facebook has overestimated how much video people have watched for the last two years, the firm has admitted. One advertiser suggested that, in some cases, video viewing statistics had been overestimated by up to 80%. Facebook’s analytics are an important tool for advertisers, who use them to work out how much of […]

  • ‘Destiny’: Xur Location and Gear September 23-25

    heavy : Now that Rise of Iron has been officially released upon the world it’s time for our old friend Xur to make his return, however, this week he brought something special for Warlocks. Xur is actually not located in the new hub world Iron Tower, due to that locking a lot of players out from […]

  • Device Mama offers warranty for used Laptop

    Daily Dhaka Times: Technology device retailer the Device Mama sells used laptop with warranty, which is considered as first of its kind in Bangladesh. The company gives warranty period of 3-6 months according the condition of the device. The warranty covers all parts and post -sell service. Besides the personal users, there are many corporate […]

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