Bangladesh received $1.3b remittance in Sept

RemittanceDaily Dhaka Times: The country received $1.346 billion in remittances in September of the current year. Bangladesh Bank statistics reveal that the four state-owned commercial banks – Agrani, Janata, Rupali and Sonali – received $399.37 million from the expatriate Bangladeshis while four state-owned specialised banks got $14.88 million.

The maximum remittance came through the private commercial banks who received $916.62 million while the nine foreign banks only brought in $15.40 million. Among the private commercial banks, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) led the remittance earning as it received the highest remittance of $339.67 million, followed by National Bank Limited (NBL) with $64.78 million.

Of the state-owned banks, Agrani Bank received $144.83 million, Sonali Bank $120.75 million, Janata Bank $113.54 million and Rupali Bank $20.25 million.

Other private banks who are in the leading positions in earning remittance include Uttara Bank ($53.37 million), Pubali Bank ($50.12 million), Dutch-Bangla Bank ($50.55 million), Bank Asia ($39.01 million), Trust Bank ($23.47 million), Prime Bank ($33.17 million), BRAC Bank ($31.51 million) and AB Bank ($17.65 million).

BB statistics reveal that newly established banks including the three NRB banks showed the poorest performance in earning remittance. Of them, the NRB Bank received $0.14 million while NRB Commercial Bank got $0.59 million and NRB Global Bank received $0.05 million in remittance from non-resident Bangladeshis during the period.

The Modhumati Bank failed to earn any remittance while Midland Bank earned only Tk 0.07 million in remittance, according to the BB statistics.

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